Family Storytime


Storytime Song – “Open Shut Them” by Hap Palmer

Mystery Letter of the Week with Napoleon (Letter M) & Theme (Moo!)

Interactive Question – How many stomachs does a cow have?

Action Rhyme – “Five Cows All Black and White

Read a Book – Too Many Pears! by Jackie French

Shaky Egg Song – “I Know a Chicken” by Laurie Berkner

Action Rhyme – “Who Said Moo?

Read a Book – Moo! by David LaRochelle

Closing Song – “The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming)” by Laurie Berkner

Goodbye Rhyme – “Tickle the Stars


Cow Appreciation Day on July 15, 2022 is the best time to “Eat Mor Chikin.” Check out the video below to learn more about cows.

Did You Know?

  • All cows are female. Males are called bulls.
  • A cow spends about 8 hours a day eating.
  • Cows can smell up to 6 miles away.

Check Out This Craft!

Follow the link above for detailed instructions on how to make this cute cow craft at home!

More Book Options

Cow Boy is NOT a Cowboy by Gregory Barrington

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

The Cow That Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill

How to Speak Moo! by Deborah Fajerman

The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming

Too Many Pears! by Jackie French

Moo! by David LaRochelle

Cindy Moo by Lori Mortensen

Cowy Cow by Chris Raschka

Prudence, the Part-Time Cow by Jody Jensen Shaffer

Crash, Splash, or Moo! by Bob Shea

The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson

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